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Default Large Vehical Countermeasures

Hello All,

I currently run a non-commercial 08+ f250 superduty in north texas and run a quality detector in it and have fairly quick reponse times between decector alerts or visual ques/sightings and laser traps.

In the past couple months of driving to Dallas ive had a fairly solid increase in laser hits on my detector(9500ix if it matters) to the point of 3-5 out of 5 encounters are LASER. The smart me has coordinated these enforcement points with Trapster and the marking function on my unit with good success to remind me I should reduce speed and check before going, but I am to the point where I wouldnt mind getting a little extra buffer.

The obvious issue is I drive a huge vehical w/ chrome
Grill, lighter color paint. Ive got plate covers and VEIL in the mail and plan to apply accordingly to plates, plate cover, all lights, wheel lug covers, etc.

Is there anything else that anyone has found effective on a bigger truck to VEIL? Also, all factord concerned about how effective this is going to be?
Also, is it worth the investment for more active defense all things considered?

Not expecting merical results or anything, but if im going to invest in tech, i want atleast some degree of effectiveness in real world situations.

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