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Default Automated Red lights Cameras

Craig or Veil Guy,

Please answer this one for me. If you go to LaserCraft, Inc. -- Sensing The Future You will see between the police officer and the public safety guy a Laser speed measurement Box up on a poll. This system is set up to take your speed if you run a red light or even a green light over the posted speed limit. This same laser/speed camera system are at every other intersection in gwinnett county. I accidently ran a yellow light at 54 mph in a 45 mph zone. It set off my Blinder M-25 and V1 with the laser hit. My question is this. Can the Blinder M-25 jam the laser and allow it not to take a picture. If I did jam the laser box on the poll, does that mean no picture of my tag was taken???

Georgia Boy
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