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Default Is Automated Photo Enforcement Constitutional or Subverting Constitutional Rights?


This is another perfect example of the current short-comings of automated photo enforcement, the subversion of our Constitutional rights.

Where's the disincentive in all this?

Getting a notice in the mail with a picture of a vehicle that couldn't even be seen (as it was dark)—only the rear plate was visible—weeks and weeks after the alleged infraction occurred.

Do you remember what you were doing four weeks ago in your vehicle one particular afternoon?

At my age, I am lucky if I remember what I did this morning, let alone four weeks ago.

How about false accusations from corporate entities which whom I have no control or say over and encouraging the society at large to "turn-in" their fellow citizens, or else.

Perhaps there is a place for automated photo enforcement in the high-tech society, but for goodness sake, not at the expense of our society's long-established legal protections of its individual citizens.

Threating my driving license with points was a bit over the top.

The violation is merely $2 for the original toll and doesn't even include a penalty fee.

$2 measly dollars versus 3 points on my license (for a violation that I did not commit).

Today it is $2, tomorrow, who knows what.

Now, I am willing to stipulate that a bonafide case may be made for an application of Photo Enforcement in certain circumstances, but certainly not in its current automated form.

You know what? I am going to fight the sucker on principle: because if I let it slide even for this small amount, I am, in effect, resigning my civil liberties and my sacred constitutional right to due process even for something "trivial" which leads me down a very slippery slope, indeed.

These injustices should not stand!

Here's a recent personal history lesson:
  1. Machine Bears False Witness Against Me
  2. Photo Enforcement
  3. Red Light Cameras

My vote is to not throw-out that arcane document, the U.S. Constitution, at least, not quite yet.

I can't help but hear the faint echo of Edmund Burke:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Oh, and here's another quip:
Let's not take the law enforcement officer out of law enforcement. Veil Guy: 29 Jan 08
Veil Guy

PS: In the meantime, at least we have freedoms (in most cases) to protect ourselves with alternative solutions (countermeasures) and an organization interested in fighting for and preserving our freedoms, the National Motorists Association. Are you a member, yet?

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