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Default Video, Hampton Florida Speed Trap Exposed!

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Speed Trap Primer Hampton Florida
From: HONORYOUROATH | Aug 1, 2011 | 144 views

Hampton Florida located on 301 and CR18 between world famous speed traps Lawtey approx 11 miles to the north and Waldo approx 2 miles to the south.Hampton does not have the notoriety of it's looting neighbors nor it's own SPEED TRAP billboards.However in my opinion Hampton is even worse.Notice how they hide behind those recycling dumpsters.If public safety is Hampton PD's primary concern then why are they hiding behind those dumpsters?Why not sit in the median, in plain sight, on the north and south borders of town?They could still catch plenty of speeders but more people would slow down.Not shown in my video is the unmarked red Chevy Impala SS.He is the champion looter and he loves to ticket truck drivers!Beware the Red Chevy Impala!
I have also witnessed these LEO's standing in the median and when the light turns red they will walk between the cars looking for seat belt "violators".If they spot a violator they flag them into the median...sometimes 2 or 3 per red light cycle!!!! I hope to catch this on film and I will go back and get the red Chevy Impala on film.
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