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The IIHS study in the stories linked to in this post is a sham. Checking out IIHS own website shows the study claims to have compared 5 year periods almost a decade apart.
Further investigations shows they don't even know which intersections have cameras and which don't.

Here's a link to Part 1 of an article debunking these industry lies.
Opinion: Insurance Institute Traffic Camera Study Flawed

The guaranteed windfalls to all the cities that have scameras is a lie too. Some cities lose money with this unpopular scheme.

Don't forget that a portion of every fine paid leaves the country whenever Redflex successfully extorts money from a poor victim. Locally, ATS collects a percentage from every fine. That's a constant drain of revenue leaving our communities forever, even if the cities somehow clear a "profit" from this fraud.

Don't be a stooge for photo radar greed.

Our former governor helped foist these scameras onto our highways right before she left office.
Now she in charge of those thugs who molest you and your child when you have to go through an airport.

I wonder if our population will reward her for this by electing her to the Senate? She should try New York.

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