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Default Research proves red light camcorders decrease traffic deaths

Use of red light cameras by city governments has become more widespread within the past decade. Motorists generally denounce the presence of red light video cameras as revenue-raisers rather than public safety devices. However a drop in traffic fatalities, also as a rise in revenues, has been attributed to red light cameras in an insurance industry study. The short term cash loans that cities had to take out in order to put up these cameras have proven to be worth it. Article resource - Study proves red light cameras reduce traffic fatalities by MoneyBlogNewz.

Working red light video cameras

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety accounts the red light surveillance cameras do what they're designed to in cities. It was discovered that traffic deaths went down 26 percent in the last five years with red light camcorders at intersections in a research from the insurance industry. Researchers compared traffic accident data from 14 large United States cities with red light surveillance cameras against 48 others without them from 2004 to 2008. Red light surveillance camera cities had a faster drop in deaths than others. Deadly crashes dropped a lot in both though. There were less T-bone crashes that occurred although rear-end collisions decreased.

Figures of red light cameras

The traffic data the federal government keeps was also used in the red light surveillance camera figures. In 2009, 2.2 million crashes occurred at intersections, about 41 percent of all crashes. The crashes killed 7.358 individuals. Another 81,112 people were hurt by it. Due to red light running, 676 of those deaths were brought on. Also, 113,000 of the injuries happened with running red lights. Passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists were killed by other individuals running the red light. In fact, 64 percent of those killed passed away this way. If red light surveillance cameras had been in use in all 99 cities included in the research, the researchers estimated that 815 lives would have been saved.

Red light surveillance camera revenue backlash

Red light surveillance camera revenue adds up to millions of dollars for the cities that use them. From June 2009 to May 2010, 85,678 red light citations were caught in Washington, D.C., adding up to $7.2 million in revenue. Red light camcorders are used in half the U.S. states currently. There were a few cities that installed them in 2000. These included 25 cities. Now, there are many more individuals that use red light cameras. In fact, 500 cities use them. Another opinion is given by the National Motorists Association. The group suggests intersections could be safer with simply longer yellow lights. Calling red light cameras an invasion of privacy and heavy handed enforcement, many cities in the U.S. have banned red light camcorders with voter initiatives.

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