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Default Craig or Veil Guy

I found this on a police officer website. I found it interesting because it falls into laser jammers that apparently don't work on the market today. This would be a good example of the rocky mountain radar laser jammers or old K-40 units. See statement below. Especially #1, is this surprising to you guys. Craig you use to be a officer correct? Does this sound about right.

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Posts: 3,275 Despite the clumsy way in which you've asked the question, I'll do my best to answer.

To my knowledge as a WI PO, there is currently no WI state statute that specifically prohibits laser jammers per se (radar jammers, as was mentioned previously, are federally prohibited). I cannot speak for MN law or any other state in which you might be traveling.

Even ignoring for a moment the ethical reasons for not purchasing an item that is essentially designed to evade detection of law breaking, I would avoid purchasing one for the following reasons:

1. The only ones who seem to be able to prove they work are the companies selling them. I've seen no impartial studies showing they are in any way effective. I personally have used LIDAR to stop and ticket several people with laser jammers. One guy complained that I must be lying about acquiring him with the laser, as he just installed a laser jammer. NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE BAD GUYS -- This is a bad idea.

2. Though you may not be able to be ticketed for the jammer itself, a creative officer with a well-crafted report could certainly make a case for Interfering with a Law Enforcement Officer, a more serious offense than a simple traffic ticket.

3. If I know you have a laser jammer and can't ticket you for that, I'm sure as he11 going to be able to find plenty of other things to ding your for. I treat them like radar detectors -- yes they're not illegal, but if I see one all discretion just went out the window.

Let me conclude by saying this: Don't waste your money. Drive the speed limit. He11, drive within 10 mph of the posted limit and you're probably going to be fine in 99.9% of the jurisdictions around the country (there's always the occasional trooper or traffic enforcement officer who's having a bad day). Why borrow trouble just so you can go a little faster?
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