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Exclamation [HELP] Choices -- Unsure Where To Start? [HELP]

Hello Everyone,
After watching the many Speed Trap Hunter videos on YouTube, I've got a few questions. I've got about an hour drive on a wide open straight road from work everyday. Unfortunately, the police like it as much as I do. After watching all the review videos, I'm not sure where to start. Basically, I'm looking to be a Lean Mean Anti Police & Tickets Machine. Sure, I could just slow down to 10 MPH below the speed limit, but that's not gonna work. So I would like to be able to detect radar, laser, and GPS from all directions possible. If there is a reliable all in one system, or even if I had to buy multiple (the fewer the better) systems I wouldn't mind. I'm looking for other users input, so I can cut back on the traffic tickets, and save my money for better uses. Like high octane fuel, just kidding I drive a Jetta TDI. Anyways, your help is appreciated and all input is welcomed. Otherwise I'm driving down the road like trying to find the police.

Thanks Much,
C. Negatory
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