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Default Which High-End RD Should I Get?

Sup guys, new member on the forum. I live in the Southeast, which is Georgia (about an hour away of Atlanta, called Lawrenceville). I am looking the best top-notch RD for my type of area. I have done my homework, and it broiled down to the V1, Redline, or 9500ix. One whole month, and still I cannot make up my mind.

Where I drive:
- Straight shots
- Huge hills
- Tons of curves


- Almost everywhere is a perfect spot to hide. Behind hills and curves. Everytime I see one, its always too late, due to blind spots.

- Night time, they are invisible anywhere lol.

Ideal RD:
- A RD that will warn me long before, even though I don't see them around/behind the curve or hill. A see through superman vision would be sexy.

- A RD that will not drive me nuts when I take local / popular roads (walmart, kroger, cvs, walgreens, mcdonalds, etc.)

- A RD that is excellent on the highway, even if I go state-to-state driving (GA to NY for instance).

Help me out guys, I turn to you for advice. I look forward to your thoughts.
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