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Default I知 questioning the sensitivity of the 9500ix.

Originally Posted by kn7khp View Post
I知 questioning the sensitivity of the 9500ix.
I am on week 2 with my 9500xi and have been using a V1.

Now, I do NOT mount mine in optimal locations (above the visor) as I live in VA and have to keep them hidden from sight. But in that location, the V1 has hundreds of feet better sensitivity to known stationary X and K sources. Some do not go off until I am right across from them where as the V1 in the same mounting location will provide 2 blocks of warning. Highway Mode on the xi.

I have had plenty of warning on valid Ka LEO's but the sensitivity on the X and K of the xi is either VERY smart false filtering or a problem with my mounting location that does not affect the V1 nearly as bad.
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