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I Highly Recommend Meggamaxx in Marietta for any Automotive work.. I purchased a Laser Jammer for my Lamborghini Murcielago from these guys. I was told they work on High end cars all the time, and this was the place to get it done right and professionally. They did a wonderful Job. All of the wiring is hidden, I was very nervous about "ANYONE", including the dealership taking my brand new car apart. "No Problem" said these guys, they were not nervous at all about working on my car. The guys in the back definately know what they are doing, I watched from outside the Bay Door, and they did not even hesitate to take the car apart... While I was waiting, I was talking to one of the salesman about window tint, and He gave me the comfort of knowing they could handle that job too, so I pulled the trigger, and got her Tinted.. Now My whip Looks great, and I can drive it like its supposed to be driven, and not worry about the COPS!!! 5 stars for Meggamaxx, Thanks guys for a JOB WELL DONE!!!
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