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Default LTI Tru Speed Police Laser Gun

LTI is releasing a new smaller and easier to use police laser gun to the traffic enforcement industry.

It is called the LTI TruSpeed™ (not True Speed). Like the Kustom ProLite+, the LTI TruSpeed™ appears "aimed" at mobile motor-cycle-based police laser speed enforcement.

Even though it appears to be quite a bit more portable and lighter (less than 48 ounces), the "lasertech" TruSpeed™ is range limited to 2000 feet, it appears to be quite weather resistant with seals and rubberized edges.

Expected to retail at less than $2000 (the first police laser gun to do so), the Laser Technology TruSpeed™ is poised to capture a large following as police laser provides a number of significant advantages over portable hand-held police radar and now with the pricing of this technology approaching the costs of conventional police radar hand-helds their adoption should be a no brainer, especially when one considers that the conviction rates with police laser are higher (meaning less expense for municipalities on the back-end).

I have included reference to the Laser Technology's TruSpeed™ online marketing information:

PS: (Looks a bit like an Outrun video production!)

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