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Default Un-constitutionality of Photo Enforcement

Here's another perfect example of the flaws of automated photo enforcement, at least, in its present incarnation.

Again it has happened to me and this time a faceless corporation [falsely] pointed the accusatory finger my direction.

Several weeks ago before attending CES 2008, I made a business trip to Florida flying one way to the east coast, renting a vehicle from Enterprise for one way rental to the [Florida's] west coast.

After about a week, I dropped the vehicle off at a local Enterprise office before their office closed at 6pm.

At that particular time, the computer systems of the east-coast Enterprise rental agency were down so they weren't able to immediately close out my rental agreement.

Having successfully dropped the vehicle off, I flew back home [from the west-coast].

Unfortunately, Enterprise did not immediately close out the rental agreement and later attempted to charge my credit card with more than $1600 in false charges.

To make matters even worse, some knuckle-head from the office apparently decided to drive the rental car locally and proceeded to drive the vehicle I had returned through a toll-booth approaching Cape Coral without paying their toll.

Of course the toll agency snapped the picture with a time stamp later that day, contacted the owner of the registration (in this case Enterprise) which then proceeded to point the finger of blame towards myself since their computer system had not properly closed out my rental agreement from earlier that day.

Lovely isn't it? Now I receive a threatening letter from Florida suggesting that my license may be subject to a 3-point moving violation and I wasn't even in the area or driving when this alleged infraction occurred.

Now I have to fight two battles at once—one with the state of Florida and one with the rental agency that named me as the "offending" driver.

Where's the due process in all this? How can a I face my accuser? The simple answer is there is none, and I can't.

I'll keep you guys posted on my progress, but this automated photo enforcement is a really bad idea and now twice in one year, I have fallen victim to false charges in connection with its use.

There have to be others who too have been victimized by this misguided application of technology!

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