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Default Whew!

So I was sitting at an stoplight yesterday on a nice 4-lane state highway. A dude in a 993 Carrera Spyder is next to me. We're the head of the line with no traffic at all ahead of us, so we're both getting ready for a nice, spirited run to the PSL + a little. I was planning to fall in behind him and just let his fancy red cop magnet be my rabbit.

JUST before the light changes, "bleep bleep...Ka Band." 34.7 shows up and it ramps almost immediately to 4 bars.

He must have heard it too, or had his own RD, because we both just softly started off and cruised to the speed limit just in time to see Mr. Deputy drive by.

WHEW! That would have been an ugly one, though I suspect the Carrera--cherry red with a HUGE park bench spoiler and the top down--would have been pulled and the cop probably would have ignored my 4-door grocery-getter. But still...Betty came through again. That's two saves in two days for my blue-eyed beauty.

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