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Hey Georgia Boy:

Both Kustom Signals lasers were designed and manufactured by LaserCraft, who also did the Pro III and Pro Lite models.

The Pro II was a vast improvement over the first-generation Pro I and, except for its 4.5-pound weight (1 pound came from the power cord alone), it proved to be a much better performer and a more reliable unit that its predecessor.

When I conducted the world's first laser jammer tests in 1994, among other models I used a Pro I and Pro II and found the Pro II on par with the LTI 20-20/Marksman model in its resistance to jammers.

I haven't seen a Pro II in service in years (the Pro III superseded it in 1997) but it'll still get the job done. The Pro III's PRF, power output, performance and other variables differ, but testing against the Pro II will still give you a valid indication of a laser jammer's capabilities.

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