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Originally Posted by MEM-TEK View Post
Why Should I Use A Radar Detector?

... Numerous NHTSA and state studies have shown that the majority of drivers tend to drive at speeds which they feel are both comfortable and safe for the general road conditions -- regardless of the posted speed limit. This is why the government and states saw a sudden drop in accident and highway death rates when speed limits were raised from the national 55 m.p.h. speed limit. What? That doesn't seem to make sense. After all, we have all been told for years that speed kills! When the national speed limit was 55 mph, most drivers ignored it. Yet many conscientious drivers did drive at the 55 mph speed limit. This created large discrepancies in the speeds of vehicles on our highways and interstates, and these speed discrepancies combined with other factors such as improper lane changes contributed to accidents. ...
During and after the national 55 speed limmit fiasco I was an EMT and, later, EMS Coordinator. Part of my job was to report accidents and their causes to the state. Both my experiences on the crew and my access to records bore out the truth in the above quote. Our calls on I 90 for one car rollovers and vehicles crossing the medium went through the roof! People were falling asleep at the wheel, or lost concentration due to boredom. Very, very few of them were speeding. After the speed limmits were raised, these types accidents reverted to pre 55 levels. And talking to other ambulance crews and managers statewide, the experience was pretty universal.

Anecdotal, to be sure, but you could infer from this that those who speed (and many did- myself included) were the safer drivers! I do not advocate dangerouse speeds or reckless driving, however, slower is not always safer. One very valid reason to own and know how to use a radar detector!

Thank you MEM-TEK.
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