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Default Colville, WA

Speed-traps coming into Colfax, WA (Eastern Washington) from the north and also from the south end of town. Colfax loves to prey on Washington State University students heading NB to Spokane, or returning from Spokane. Also numerous traps on State Hwy 26, coming in from the west of Colville-Pullman, especially if there is a major sporting event. Both the highways leading into Colfax-Pullman area has lots of "hiding spots" for local and State Patrol to nail folks going over the speed limit. Colfax does the drop-your-speed-quickly trick by posting speed limit signs in relatively short distances on both ends of town and catch the unweary. Coming in from the north is a steep hill and (thus) speed of vehicle increases - that's where they post one set of signs. Hwy 26 that eventually leads to the Idaho border (and University of Idaho, in Moscow, ID) has loads of traps, so watch your speedometer.
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