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Default Using the Law for Revenue is Immoral

As a libertarian type conservative, I find it fundamentally immoral that any law is used NOT FOR PUBLIC SAFETY but primarily for the purposes of raising revenue. The most famous or infamous is of course, the speeding ticket. However, I work in a part of the medical industry and we have been given classes and lectures on how the FDA allied with states use regulations to reap billions in fines and penalties to stuff state and federal coffers, too. Once it is done in one area there is little to stop its use in other areas. I find the idea that "speeding" equals unsafe driving to be a false assertion or assumption. Cops speed routinely whether in the line of work or just because of their proclivity to like fast driving in their ever more powerful and better built vehicles...just like the rest of us. If it is inherently dangerous then they are endangering us when they speed whether in the line of work, for fun or inadvertantly. I have many many times paced cop cars and state vehicles 10mph over the limit. If there were no fines how many tickets do you think would be issued? My guess is they would drop by about 95% and "speeding" violations would be confined to truly unsafe driving where someone was driving too fast through a neighborhood or driving a particular vehicle too fast for its design. Also, ask why people will drive well under the speed limit when they see a cop car if everyone truly believes that officer is there for our good. No one believes that. We know that it is MOST likely they are there fishing for violations, hence revenue.

My main point is that to use any law not for safety but for revenue is to invite tyranny of sorts and also to degrade the respect for the law and law officers as a whole. It makes law officers the "bad guys" which they should not be. It makes them agents of your state department of revenue, not a "Protect and Serve" arm of the executive. It corrupts law enforcement itself and frankly leads me to favor private security. A neighborhood private security force hired by the neighborhood would never abuse its own customers with this sort of harassment. When pulling someone over it would properly result in some gentle to firm warning and reminder of the duty to common safety. I believe only in truly dangerous driving would a penalty of some sort be exacted. Think of a situation that would be justified in a town hall or community meeting where the neighbors themselves would universally agree to sanction.

My main point is that the actual use and execution of speeding laws and tickets for revenue is a corruption of real "law and order", public safety and liberty in general. What do my fellow driving enthusiasts think and especially if any law enforcement types read this...what do you really think?
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