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Default Nice 34.7 Save

Was heading to the gym at 4:50 Friday morning when I got a Ka alert. Full-strength, and after a moment it resolved to 34.7. A few seconds later, it disappeared.

Around here, 34.7 is run by the local PD and the State Patrol. The sheriff's department uses 35.5 and k-band.

Anyway, About a half-mile later, the signal returns, again full-strength, and as I round a bend, I can see the trooper sitting at an intersection, waiting for the light, and blasting Ka out his back window.

Distance from first alert to where I finally saw him was 1.3 miles, but I don't think he was there at the time. I think he pulled out of a side street around the first bend from me and I lost the signal when he rounded another bend and increased the angle of the shot. Probably picked him up again as I rounded another bend.

Still, very nice around-the-bend capability, and very nice to see that 34.7 so I know what I'm looking for. I love this RD.

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