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Default 9500ci install your suggestions/comments

I'm going to install a 9500ci on my BMW X6, which veil guy has already told me will be a challenge. He has suggested the green area as a possible place to put the jammers. It's hard to tell from the picture but from the edge of the bumper to the grill work that holds the fog light is about 2 inches.

Only other place I can think of would be where i marked in red, the edge of the bumper to the grill work is about 4 inches. The down side to this is they would be easily seen/stolen and look crappy ( don't want to cut holes in car).

After reading the entries in this forum it seems that most think the jammers that come with the 9500ci are weak. Is there something better that I could use that would plug into the 9500ci control unit or is the electronics paired?
I have read some entries that suggest buying an additional unit (don't want to turn car into radar central), I bought the 9500ci because it was suppose to be able to install stealthy ( they really need to change their install video).

Also is there anything I can use ( again plug into what I have) to replace the rear license plate unit ? the black sticks out on my chrome plate frame that matches the rest of the chrome on the car (yes aesthetics are important to me)

So thoughts /suggestions/dirty remarks
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