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Originally Posted by steve f View Post
I ran from Atlanta to the Fla. panhandle, about 300 miles one way. There was no radar activity to speak of going down, but a few interesting encounters coming back.

Sti-R, segments 2,5,8 ON, RDR ON. V1, POP ON, KA Guard ON.

K-band - The V1 actually alerted a few seconds before the Sti-R to a local cop facing toward me. The distance was about 1 mile, so there was plenty of time to slow down, which I was doing anyway since I'm familiar with that particular town and the fact there almost always a cop waiting for the unwary. Not really a save, but both detectors gave plenty of warning.

Ka band Constant On - About a 1 mile alert to an approaching Alabama state patrol car. The Sti-R alerted 4 to 5 seconds before the V1. This was in an area with rolling hills and I was very impressed with both detectors. Once each detector gave an alert, they never lost the signal, and both ramped up slowly to the approaching state patrol car. Excellent performance by both given the terrain and the distance (and the fact it was Ka band). The Sti-R beat the V1 to the punch, but there was plenty of warning from both. I didn't get the radar frequency due the shenanigans of a pickup truck driver behind me who was swerving in and out from behind me trying to decide whether or not he wanted to take a chance and pass me.

Ka 35.5 Constant On - Georgia state patrol car facing away in a median shooting oncoming traffic in the opposite lanes. Both detectors alerted about the same time, approx 1/2 mile from the source. They both ramped up very slowly, which made sense when I saw the facing away position of the cop car. This was in some rolling countryside without a direct line of sight to the cop car until I got very close. Another good catch by both detectors.

On some K-band speed signs in an especially hilly area in Alabama, the Sti-R beat the V1 by 2 to 3 seconds each time, impressive considering the Sti-R is mounted much lower than the V1, which I had mounted by the rearview mirror.

The Sti-R appears to be more sensitive than the V1 on both K-band and Ka band. I've had very reliable performances by both, but the Sti-R almost always comes out ahead by a few seconds. The current closeout prices on the Sti-R makes it a real bargain IMO. Of course at $399 the V1 is a bargain also, and I'm glad I'm lucky enough to have both.

It was a lot of fun running with two top notch detectors. I only wish there had been more police out and about.
I also have the same setup. How long have you had yours? I have my V1 at A mode and STI-R at Hwy.I've had mine for about 1 week build date on my STI-R is 35/08. I am finding the STI-R alerts to K band a tad bit faster than the V1.

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