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Default Good Questions

No you do not have to have the blinder professionally installed. Actually its not that hard to install. The owners manual shows you exactly how to hook up your blinder M-25. As for Installers I like MEGAMAXX in marietta off cobb parkway next to the big chicken. They did the install on my 2005 Honda accord sedan. As for two heads vs four heads on a sedan, in my opinion the M-25 works great on midsized and full size cars. The M-45 works the same, the only difference is 2 extra heads which can give better protection if you drive something like a 300C chrysler sedan. That car has alot more surface to cover versus a honda accord. As for laser from behind, its very,very rare if at all. 98% of officers fire at the front. You could always try 3 heads in the front and 1 head in the rear if your concerned at all. Hope I helped.

Georgia Boy
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