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Default Red Light Cameras Again Prove Ineffective and Dangerous: Accidents Increase 133% in T

Camera Fraud Article: Red Light Cameras Again Prove Ineffective and Dangerous: Accidents Increase 133% in Temple Terrace, FL

Red Light Camera Accident

Red Light Camera Accident

It’s no surprise to those of us at CameraFraud, but councilman Halloway of Temple Terrace, FL was shocked on Friday to hear that accidents INCREASED at red light camera intersections in his city, according to ABC News. Halloway had fallen for ATS’ slick sales fantasy of safety and profits and didn’t want to believe the news that could jeopardize the city’s cash cow, “That’s nonsense. Where are you getting your data?” City Councilor Ken Halloway asked. After being shown the data from the city, he still didn’t want to accept the harsh reality, “That doesn’t sound right to me.”

Believe it councilman, your city is just one on the growing list of cities where red light cameras have been proven to be deadly and dangerous:

What do these cities all have in common? They all have what is referred to as “infomercial syndrome.” The city councils were mesmerized by the incredible claims and smooth presentation… increased safety… easy money… won’t cost you anything… we take care of everything. It’s so easy! Act Now! And just like the consumer who bought an Ab Roller expecting amazing results, these cities are realizing that the claims are all bogus. In reality, the answers are simple, but they are the answers that no one wants to hear. The person who bought the Ab Roller really just needs a trainer and a gym membership. The cities that bought red light cameras need to order an honest traffic engineering study for each problem location and listen the advice of true unbiased professionals who will most likely recommend that yellow light timing be increased.

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