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Default Valentine?????????????

I am curious whats in the works in the Valentine camp?How about you Valentine diehards?I am sure Valentines patents(arrows,boggy counters,front and rear anntenas) are comeing close to running out.Once they do its fair game.Most of the detector manufactures have caught up with Valentines technology(especially escort and bel) and is now even pulling ahead of the game.The Valentine 1 hasent changed much over the last decade or two, exept for a lot of software changes.I love the Valentine one and I would like to see something great from them in the near future.

Has anyone out there heard any rumors about something in the works over at Valentine????Maybe a remote system??????Maybe colored leds????????Maybe the v1.9 or v2????maybe frequancy displays??????Anything???????Id hate to see them get bull dozed when there patents run out and Escort/Bel gets there shot with the arrows,boggy counters and front and rear anntenas.
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