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Default Frequent “Fliers”

Camera Fraud Article: Frequent “Fliers”


BIG BRO'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Effective, low-cost handouts. (Click for .pdf)

Received via email:

Hi, I am just looking for the file of those little yellow paper (business card sized) handouts… I really need them… They are the MOST effective form of advertisement in my opinion and they only cost the cost of the paper you print them on (plus some toner/ink). …please locate that file for me!  It would be very much appreciated!!! I really need that file! —Jason

I think he really needs that file. (Click to view/download .pdf).

While the profitable and cash-rich automated ticketing industry gears up to spend millions to fight Arizona’s citizen initiative to ban the cams, grassroots activists reach people in more creative ways. That includes no-frills fliers that maximize the utilization of the resource at hand ( in this case, paper and toner).

Once cut to size (we recommend using a paper cutter), each sheet yields 8 handouts. Don’t bother printing them in color— instead, consider purchasing a pack of brightly-colored papers. Our favorite is yellow, making the fliers look like post it notes.

Each ream of paper, 500 pages, will yield 4,000 fliers. Average cost? $10.

For the price of a single scam cam ticket, you could create an 80,000 flier nightmare for the politicians, executives, and employees involved with photo radar surveillance.

The Cameras are Coming Down.

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