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Default Speed Cam Money Went to Govít, Not Research

Camera Fraud Article: Speed Cam Money Went to Govít, Not Research

motivational-govtHeadlines like these sure cast automated ticketing in a warm, fuzzy light. Of course our favorite beleaguered ticketing vendor, Redflex, hails from down under as well.

“Spinal cord speed cameras now revenue raisers”

It has been revealed the New South Wales Government is now collecting the revenue from speed cameras which were installed specifically to raise money for research into spinal cord injuries.

The speed camera plan was announced in 2003 by the former Premier Bob Carr and the quadriplegic actor Christopher Reeve.

Ten speed cameras were installed in school zones across the state for the program.

During a budget estimates hearing, the Government said the money now goes into Consolidated Revenue.

The revelation angered the Nationals MP Duncan Gay.

“The original announcement was that 10 extra speed cameras would be put in place specifically for this,” he said.

“Those 10 cameras are still in place, yet you are now telling us that quietly, in the dark of night, this whole procedure has changed and the people of New South Wales are being duped.”

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