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To clarify:
All speeds and measurements in metric. I was heading up the hill (shown on the picture attached ) and had passed one vehicle on the flat section and another on the rising section before pulling in prior to the passing line terminating (as the officer said, all done correctly with signals etc) He commented to me whilst issuing the ticket that he had me at 80KPH as I was passing the second vehicle and that he ‘gave me' that as I needed to pass safely and get back in prior to the bend. He then stated that I continued to accelerate up the hill before the road curves out of sight, and that he locked on at a speed of 148KPH (the posted speed is 60KPH) When my passenger questioned the officer about the distance the officer retrieved the laser and showed the indicated speed of 148KPH and a distance of 798 meters. I should note that the picture is taken approx half way between the officers hidden car and the 795 meter mark. I am going to take pictures from the officers hiding spot to the 795 meter mark (using a friends laser range finder) and place my car at the exact point along, hopefully, with two other cars behind me to accurately reflect the conditions. The time was 1730 and the sun was very bright at the top of the tree line cresting the hill.

My concerns are, after trying to duplicate the speeds and verifying the performance capabilities of my car, it simply is not possible to accelerate from 80 to 148KPH in the time or distance available before going out of sight. The officer who issued the ticket was the driver of the police car and was hand holding the laser utilizing his other arm as a steadying point. I am looking for answers or pointers to the following:

1.)Is it acceptable/common practice to handhold the laser at distances approaching 800 meters?
2.)Is it possible that slight movement by the officers hand would result in an erroneous reading ? (wide beam divergence)
3.)Would the suns blinding of the laser have any effect?
4.)What is the optimum range officers are trained to operate the laser at?

I will also mention that I am 51 years old and have a clean license, no accidents, no tickets. This section of a new road, which would make a very good F1 track, has become a real cash cow for the police as 99.9% of the tickets issued are for drivers coming down the hill, which requires serious braking all the way to stay within what is generally considered a ridiculously low speed limit. I intend to request a copy of the officers notes for that day and to ascertain how many, if at all, other tickets for 148 were issued. There are other aspects of the ticket that do not meet the legal requirements however I am more concerned with how this speed was ascertained as I know its beyond the cars capabilities in stock form.
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