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The Truth,

No worries.

I just did an extended trip (about 1200 miles) to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and back to the Philadelphia, PA region and had terrific experiences with my Garmin Nuvi 360.

I really enjoy the bluetooth interface to my Motorola RAZR and now use the Nuvi 360 as my preferred hands-free alternative. The Nuvi 360 ties nicely into the RAZR, bringing up my phone book and recent call list automatically. Another thing I like about the 360 (the same with the Nuvi 660) is the ability to quickly dial POI (points-of-interest) telephone numbers directly from the unit without having to rely on directory assistance to make the call.

While I have read a lot about Garmin's accurate North American maps and planned routes, I have come to like a couple of other features that go beyond merely getting me from point A to point B.

I am referring to the ability of the Nuvi to quickly identify the closest points to fuel-stops and/or food stops.

During my trip to the Outer Banks, my estimated remaining cruising distance was about 19 miles and I was driving on a deserted stretch of highway.

With the Nuvi 360, I was able to quickly call up the nearest fuel stations which enabled me to safely get a fuel fill without the risk of running out.

Had I not had the unit, I would have assumed that a fuel stop was up ahead at one or two exits away...and that would have been a huge mistake on my part as the closes gas station was three to four miles off of the main highway nestled in some small town.

This feature turned out to be a real lifesaver.

Now that I am getting accustomed to driving with one, I imagine how I ever managed without one.

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