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Default Laser distance, angle & operation

Hi All,
I am trying to find details concerning the optimum distance and operational guidlines for typical (is there such a thing?) police lasers. I recently received an excessive speeding ticket that was way beyond the capabilities of the car. The officer (who was actually a very nice young guy)was sitting in his car, holding the laser in his hand, he stated he had me at a distance of 795 meters, going away from him, and up a very steep hill (with two cars close behind me)
He would have been at least 100feet below me and i am sure his view would have been partially obscured by the other two vehicles. The beam at that distance i believe would have been in excess of 3 meters (10feet?) I am attempting to identify the type of device used but i was told that at that distance the slightest movement of the laser would render inaccurate readings unless the device was on a tripod? Also that typically the police use 500 to 700 feet as an optimum distance for accuracy?
Are there any web based resources to read up on the use, distance, beam width etc?
Many thanks
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