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Default Garmin 2720

I haven't traveled with 660 670 or 680 but I have with a boss has one and so does a vendor I work with...they seem just fine. Hope I'm not off subject here, I have an older 2720 and it is very robust build quality. Military spec for vibration and moisture and Garmin makes Motorcycle mount for is the same one that BMW (motorcycles) offered as optional for the K bike at one time.

Just making the point here that I believe Garmin is the best one out there and in response to in vehicle units any of em that can update from the PC is superior in my opinion. The in-car systems like my Sister-in-Law has in her Lexus is trash. I suppose the dealer could update hers for a *service charge* I don't really know on those but the maps lack any real detail and the unit is almost no features. Mine even has a off-road feature setting. I have had mine over 3 years and updated O/S for free on Garmin's web site 8 times. Never have updated maps yet but I think I'm about ready to do that now...$30 I think.

My job requires I cover 3 states so sometimes drive 500 mile days...with a GPS I can tell my customer what time I'll be there and get pretty close...even when I don't really have a clue. I have also learned from my GPS that the difference between hauling the mail and going the speed limit (well, within 5 mph or so) only save ya maybe 5-10 min every 100 miles...MAYBE> something to think about.

Hope I wasn't too far off subject there admin...I'm new so just delete if error.

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