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Default Blinder M27 Test

We tested member "Tom's" car today.He is a member from RD.NET...He has a black 2009 Infinity G37 with a Blinder M27
We used the Prolaser3 and Truspeed...We did 3 shots each gun. HL, CM, PH and all were JTG....He took some video...None was through the hud so you will just have to believe him and I. He did some of the shooting himself to verify for his own eyes..I told him sometimes where to aim and sometimes I told him to shoot what ever he wanted.

I take that back I did get one PT at 17ft when he about ran me over. That was with the Truspeed!

Lots of chrome on this car in the grill area and the headlights are wrap around so hard to protect...All in all a good day.

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