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Default Rhodell, West Virginia

This is a wide place on Coal City Road in Raleigh County (southern WV). The 2000 census said there were 234 people within the city limits, which looks about right for the number of houses. No businesses, just a volunteer fire station and a city hall, where the "mayor" hangs out on his time off work, and drives a new gold full-size expensive pickup truck. The town has three police officers, and a speed trap on a curve on the north side of town. The speed limit is 25mph, which is entirely reasonable (kids playing in the road, etc.). But if you don't see the sign in time to get below 25 before you pass it, you'll get a ticket. The situation is well known in the area, to the extent that the business owner I was visiting down the road from Rhodell apologized for not telling me about it before I drove out there.

Worse, if you do get a ticket, there's no one at city hall most of the time to tell you how much it will cost and where to send the money. The phone is answered with the default phone company voice mail message ("You've reached . . . No one is available to take your call, please leave a message.") No one ever calls back, of course. Avoid this place if you can, but watch out for the 25mph sign if you can't.
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