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Originally Posted by NMA Reporter View Post
Chrysler will sleep with the fishes.
It is the AMC of 2009.
Good point, but I think that AMC was a better car company than Chrysler in its day. The AMX was a great car.

Overdone (and overpriced) cars are out.
This I disagree with. In this bad economy you'd be surprised what the best selling cars are. I am in the market for a new car and I was talking to a sales manager the other day and he told me that his biggest selling car bar none is the Lincoln. He said he can't get enough of them in. Same for the Hyundai Genesis, Cadillac's and Taurus SHO's (which aren't even on the car lots yet). Now look at sales for small inexpensive cars like the chevy Aveo, they can't find anyone to buy them. It would appear that people are buying expensive cars and just keeping them longer.
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