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Default Have a 9500ix...looking to marry it to a laser jammer

Hello...this is my first post as I just joined moments ago. After doing a lot of lurking research on many websites, I opted for the 9500ix (its features, capabilities, and limitations were right for me) to protect my Dodge Challenger SRT-8. This is the first radar detector I've ever owned.

I know I want laser protection on my Challenger. In addition to Veil G4, I am leaning towards a Blinder. I would consider the ZR4 as well based on some real world experiences I've read on forums and the fact that an Escort authorized dealer/installer is around the block from me.

My question: What specifically does "Shift + Link" do for me? I understand the ZR4 can integrate with the 9500ix but I'm confused on what the benefits are of doing so.

To break it down further...I'm assuming the Blinder would give me an audio alert once I'm hit with laser to slow down. Once Blinder alerts of a laser, I'm going to slow down. It doesn't need to be linked to my 9500ix to get my attention. Does the ZR4 linking actually serving a purpose to provide better or more efficient protection?

Thanks for any help. I tried searching these forums on "Shift Link" benefits but I guess it was too noob a question nobody needed it answered.
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