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Default Photo Enforcement Safety Benefits: Separating Fact from Fiction

Photo Enforcement Safety Benefits: Separating Fact from Fiction

The Veil Guy has long been publishing the effects of photo enforcement systems (on our civil liberties).

For this related series, he instead looks at the studies conducted often with the approval if not outright guidance (ie; provided data) from the companies themselves.

In this first blog entry, the Veil Guy discusses the context of the "feasibility" studies of the automated speed camera system (ie; SEP program) and begins to expose the inaccuracies and distortions of this ground-laying program for other future programs initiated by Redflex or American Traffic Solutions in other parts of our country.

For the second part, the Veil Guy looks at the soundness of the data collection and data analyses and methodologies chosen that drive the conclusions of the report.

I consider this a must read for any one connected with or concerned with this nascent and rapidly growing industry:STH

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