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Sounds like you answered part of your question right there with the color.

Be shocked all you want, but I'd recommend learning more about how to properly stealth out someone's ride (as a good starting foundation), because it sounds like there are some hot-spots on the vehicle "tested." These same hot-spots can/will undermine the performance of actives as well. (BTW, two coats is likely overkill).

My suggestion is to learn more about Veil G4 (and other passives) as you appear your postings are predominately related to Blinder or other actives, a little more balance (and understanding) would be appreciated (I assume TSI_WRX would have posted something similar, but since he has left, I'll have to bring his sense of balance).

I understand as you are a dealer for jammers, high(er) margins are tied to more expensive products like Blinder or other actives, but as I often tell Veil users, who can afford or who may have a laser jammer, as well, putting the two together really is the best combination.

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