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Default Blinder M27 & Blinder M47 Upgrade Path

Spoke to the manufacturer (Blinder Denmark) about the new M27/M47 upgrade procedure.

If you have a J17 rev head and J17 rev only, then you have to purchase a M27/M47 (aka: 7-series) interface kit and wiring packaging (wiring and switch).

Then download the 7-series new software for the North America Blinder Denmark when it becomes available online.

Then reconnect new equipment with the power OFF. When everything is hooked up correctly (and THIS IS CRITICAL), turn the system on for a MINIMUM OF 60 SECONDS WITHOUT INTERRUPTION (it is essential to not interrupt the time of the re-learning/teaching for each laser jamming/parking sensor head) to allow the system to fully learn the new software/firmware (at a rate of about 15 seconds PER HEAD). Note:Each head learns in a series one after another. If power is interrupted during this initial relearning process, the upgrade will be incomplete and will require another piece of software to be downloaded to FIX the system. IN OTHER WORDS, DON'T INTERRUPT THE INITIAL LEARNING CYCLE!

If you system doesn't have J17 heads, then you will be better off purchasing a new complete Blinder M27/Blinder M47 and possibly giving or selling your older unit.

Concerning the features of the new Blinder M27/Blinder M47 Extreme Series, please refer to the following:

Blinder M27, Blinder M47 Extreme Announcement

Veil Guy
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