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Unhappy Rocky Mountain Radar Selling at Best Buy

Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) at Best Buy Retailer

Radar Roy called me first thing this morning to inform me about Best Buy's recent selling of Rocky Mountain Radar products.

It is unfortunate that that management of Best Buy made the same unscrupulous and/or incompetent choice to put seal of their corporate seal of approval on a company's product that has been so widely discredited over many years as Rocky Mountain Radar has been and by so many independent sources.

Radio Shack once made the same unfortunate choice a number of years ago and also subjected their loyal customers to the same sham products.

Unfortunately the actions of Best Buy doesn't also hurt their customers who rely on the name Best Buy as a reliable shopping brand, itself, it also hurts the other legitimate manufacturers like Veil (a passive laser countermeasure) as well as the other established companies in this ever so small industry like: Beltronics, Blinder, Cheetah, Cobra, Escort, Ontrack, Valentine, and Whistler. It even hurts the legitimate online dealers who chose not to fleece their trusting customers such as Buy Radar Detectors and Radar Busters.

I can only hope with the awareness by postings like this, Best Buy will rethink their choice of carrying such dis-reputable brands like RMR or KAT.

To read more about this, refer to the following resource: Rocky Mountain Radar (RMR) at Best Buy Retailer


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