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Default Communication is key!

Stealth Enthusiast,

The lack of communication is part of the problem. I know what you mean.. I finally gave up and decided to just tell my customers that the Blinder M25/M45 is the newest most powerful jammer Blinder has on the market right now. When they ask about the Blinder M27, I just tell that they will eventually be out, but that there is no date yet for delivery. By doing this it causes less headaches and doesn't leave me with pissed off customers. The communication problem is not Blinder USA, Its Denmark. When Blinder USA tells me they have the new Blinder M27's in stock, then I will tell my customers. Until then the Blinder M25 is the latest and greatest Blinder has to offer.

I agree with veil Guy, sometimes waiting is not so bad. Atleast they are taking their time to hopfully improve the peformance and quality of this new jammer.

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Engineers never relax

Gee, guess it was worth the wait

Please understand that there will be several thousand dollars tied up in these investments and without them here, designing and planning for the installation is impossible, Plus the weather will turn colder fairly soon so installing will be much harder as time goes buy. It's not just that we don't want to wait, it's not that at all, it's that we really need the product here. The lack of accurate communication is the cherry on the top

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