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Originally Posted by Veil Guy View Post

I would like to think that this forum is pro (any good countermeasure that is legitimately available here in this market), to that list, I would add Beltronics, Valentine, Ontrack, Cheetah, Cobra (primarily for laser and photo-enforcement).
^ That's very true.

I stood up for Blinder ad an Admin on because I felt that they were being the target of a mis-information campaign. More than a year later, it appears that I was 100% correct. But, has any one ever thought to extend and apology for their mean-spirited ways towards myself during the ugly ugly period? Let's just say, I won't hold my breath. With the internet it's much easier to be a bully/coward for some, unfortunately.
Agreed. That, indeed, is both unfortunate and sad.

I honestly don't get this perception that you are indicating (although I don't doubt its veracity).
^ I think that this depends on the individual.

What some perceive, others do not. What some see, others do not. There is truly no other explanation.

What follows is a perfect example ---->

Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post

Your Quote::
{And let's not forget steagall1000's improper use of the Blinder Mx7 video, which was censured by appropriate parties on EVERY legitimate countermeasures hobbyist Forum as being "shill"-worthy}

Let me clear something up for you TSi+WRX. That video came from jason AKA "Outruns" youtube video off his website. I was told by him that those were the new video test of the Blinder M27/M47.

Needless to say I called leon up just to find out that jason was not suppose to post those videos. First off they were videos of the Blinder M25/M45 J17's. Jason "titled" them Blinder M27 on his youtube video. It was only after I posted the video that I found out that those videos should have never been put up... So I deleted them off

You assumed that I made the video and screwed up everything. As usual you were wrong. Leon was not mad at me, he was mad and upset that Outrun even put those up. So I will clear this up for you. There has never been any video footage of the new Blinder M27/M47's. No one has video of them because they have not even been released. I would appreciate if you would stop bringing my name into your conversations with other forum members. Respect me and you will get respect back. Please leave my name out of your conversations!!

Thank You

So this is why VEIL Guy/SpeedTrapHunter took off *YOUR* posting of the video, in a thread that you made, here?

And that's the reason why mhardy has to keep clarifying that he is not the Blinder representative here that was responsible for that faux-pas?

steagall, others here may not remember, but I do.

And I *know* that the Admin does, too.

You can try passing your lies off on someone else, but rest assured that I remember, as do the other long-time members here as well as on .

It doesn't matter who MADE the video.

What angered the Blinder folks, as well as the Admin here, was simply that this video's release was never authorized - and that YOU chose to release it and post it for public viewing.

Don't try to shuffle the blame onto Outrun. He has much, much more credibility than you, in this community.

Originally Posted by steagall1000 View Post

Your quote below says everyone who knows your post know how highly you think of your fellow hobbyist. I'm sorry to say in my opinion that is so "not true." Maybe your buddies over at do, but I know I have lost total respect for you because, you feed to fellow members what they want to hear and then turn around and talk behind their backs.

When I was over at alot of members over there did not want me to leave. There are members over there that don't feed into alot of the crap/bashing that I feel "you" and others have done in the past over at For example Veil Guy, and Blinder Dude etc.

I have respect for them because they don't jump into a forum to start a bashing of products contest. They explain their products,and answer questions for new members. has become such a bais forum and there are members over there that are just flat out rude and nasty.. They even ran off the man himself, "mike Valentine". RD.NET could only hope to be as professional of a forum as is. I think Veil Guy along with others who are part of this forum have contributed so much to help others. This is something you will never see at!!!
Again -

You, of all people, to say that I didn't support you?

I was one of the very, very, very few on who welcomed you back, after you had apologized to the GOL.

Here For the People That Need Me!!!!! - Radar Detector Jammer Forum

A lot of members there did not want you to leave? Get real. Virtually EVERYONE wanted you to leave, and any time your name comes up there, it's still in complete ridicule. Only very few of us were ready to genuinely give you a second chance, and when you AGAIN failed to present yourself in an honorable and proper manner, you were banned.

Radar Detector Jammer Forum

Laser Jammer Test 2008: Guys of Lidar

And for anyone who doubts any of this, simply search for "steagall" or "steagall1000" on - for a Forum where he says that most members wanted him to stay, you'll quickly and easily see that this is certainly NOT the case. Look at the dates of the postings. By the latest time-dated postings you'll find, you'll see that *ALL* of us have seen through his doubletalk and insincerity, and that his name is among those that are most despised.

Similarly, search up his past posts here, on this very Forum.

Now many times can YOU lie, can YOU point your finger to someone else, and can YOU manage to edit and re-edit your past posts or your various YouTube videos in an abortive manner to try to erase your past history, in the hopes of simply making just another dollar via your hard-sell tactics?

New guy sayin hi. (2009 STi)

That's just one of the most recent instances.

I don't need any respect from you, steagall.

The past history - the past post, even the ones you took pains to try to edit in order to erase your bad history for those who don't know you - do not lie.

You, however, DO.

And I definitely, most CERTAINLY, never, ever, will say anything bad about ANY of my fellow hobbyists/enthusiasts in one place that I will not then say in another. I will NEVER say anything in private which I would not share in public, nor will what I say in private ever NOT MATCH what I say, in public.

My screen-name has always been "TSi+WRX" in the speed-detection countermeasures community, and it is even so in the various automotive communities, with a few exceptions where I am "LGT+WRX" - which I took on after I'd gotten my then-new car - but in those cases, I've always announced that I'm one and the same as "TSi+WRX."

EVERYONE who knows me knows that I never change what I say, regardless of where I am, regardless of whether such conversations occur in private or public.

And I certainly *NEVER* speak ill of *ANY* of my fellow hobbyists/enthusiasts.

Shame on you, steagall, for even *trying* to paint me in a bad light, particularly when you know, yourself, very well, that such smears are not true.


And quite frankly, VEIL Guy/SpeedTrapHunter, for a Forum community whose expressed Mission Statement is to be a place without drama, without shills -

Why does steagall, given his past antics here, continue to be here?

Why not even *any* semblance of censure?

^ And with this note, I'm sad to say, I'm simply out of here.

I cannot exist in a place where such obvious allowance of circumventing the Forum RULES exists.

And furthermore, to have such an assault done to me, without any defense from you, VEIL Guy/SpeedTrapHunter - as someone who has witnessed all these interactions both here and on - *especially* given how you wished for this Forum to be an honorable and ethical place for enthusiasts to exchange ideas (and for my absence, Stealth Enthusiast, I will apologize, for my ongoing conversation with you has been a true delight, in both my serving as a foil to your ideas, as well as your counterpoints to my own), to have steagall to repeatedly poison the waters, that is simply inexcusable.

steagall, you can now breathe easy. Feel free to spread your lies and to deceive anyone you want, for you now will apparently have no one to call you out on all the crap that you spew.

This will be my LAST post here.

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