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Originally Posted by Stealth Enthusiast View Post
What are they basing this on?
Direct observation - although of a rather anecdotal nature (i.e. that it was not controlled quantitative testing).

Still, in so far as "real world" data goes, it's hard to debate against.

Nevertheless, it remains to be said that these are "specific vehicle" concerns - and the results both cannot and should not be cross-applied as a blanket statement.

Currently, there is a thread running on the Escort Radar Forums regarding this very issue.

MEM-TEK has also contributed in that thread, and both he and the Escort representative are putting forward some very interesting thoughts, to include real-world observations, real-world/semi-quantitative testing of various materials, non-quantitative real-world observations, as well as coupled with quantitative laboratory testing of the Escort representative's own "behind the skin" setup.

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