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There are currently different opinions about this. Some have claimed that Ka performance can suffer when mounted by a bumper cover (ie; fascia), while the engineers at Escort has suggested differently.

I personally have my 9500ci radar receiver on the lower part of my metallic silver painted bumper cover and am pleased with the performance I get from the 9500ci. I will however move it eventually to see if, in fact, there are any noticeable performance changes when mounting in a CLS (clear line-of-sight). X and K band apparently are not adversely affected (perhaps due to the longer wavelengths of each band respectively).

My choice of mounting behind the bumper were two-fold.

1) To see radar propagating under any vehicle that may be directly ahead of me.
2) To protect the sensitive antennae from the outside elements with something substantial (like a the front fascia).

I hope this helps you.


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