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Like you I have been sitting on the fence watching this battle go on. I agree we should try and work on improving our products and sharing with each other instead of worrying about who has this patent and who doesn't.

These things to some people seem to be the only important thing they can talk about. I think Stealth Enthusiast has made some great points about the forums and what should be going on. This forum here is a professional forum for members who want to share their experiences with each other. We should all come together and help one another, not fight against each other.

In my opinon, I believe that new members here can get a wealth of knowledge for just about any countermeasure out there on the market. Even though there is competition between companys, like whistler, and cobra and Bel and escort and Blinder and LI. Competition is what makes it great for customers like you and I. I think after reading post on this forum, it gives each individual the choice to choose what they want, at a price they can afford. We can all help each other, and I believe thats been the direction the whole time that this forum has been heading in. I believe that has been the goal ever since Blinder Dude and Veil Guy started this forum up.

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Please excuse me having my say in this thread, but it is where my thoughts are: How does a thread about a 'company' going bang turn into a patent war and then a slug fest that would make Rocky Balboa proud? I sit on the fence here, as I have never met any of you and you have all helped me (both sides) by putting up with my questions and expanding my knowledge more in the last few days then I could find out in the last few years! Guys, my hobby for jamming old smokie has kept me from becoming some guys girlfriend (read as going to jail) and has saved me thousands of 'dollars'. Just this morning I was saved a few by my jammer. i joined this forum because I believed I could learn, if I want to see a slug fest I will go hire all the Rocky films!!! We all have the same hobby, lets work together to improve it.......As a thought, maybe if Germany joined all its jet technology together they might of won the war, but they divided it between six companies who had to experiment and have the same mishaps before learning the same things! I know not a good example, but hey, prove it wrong!

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