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Angry Time to fight back!!!

Looks like its time to give them alittle taste of their own medicine. Maybe A Blinder M25 and Escort 9500i radar detector for protection will keep them from jacking up everyones insurance and ticket revenue making business. LOL!! You know they say its all about safety and slowing people down. Thats a bunch of horse crap! Its all about money and costing you thousands more a year on insurance premiums. A friend of mine is a duluth police officer, he wrote $600,000 in speeding tickets last year. Do the math, thats 3,000 ticket written! On average of $200.00 a ticket writting around 20-35 tickets a day.... Duluth Ga speed traps on pleasanthill rd run Laser and K band radar/ 85 north exit 129 braselton Ga state troopers and local police run Laser. This is big money for these Police and state departments. The more we know about where speedtraps are the better. The Cat and Mouse game is in high gear.

Originally Posted by commander104 View Post
The Corporate Limits of the City of Milford is a speed trap, namely, Routes 1, 113 and 14, locals use Laser and KA.

Route 1 through Milford is double trouble since it is patrolled by both local and state police.

Weekend beach traffic are the biggest customers.

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