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Originally Posted by Speed Trap Hunter View Post
How far is the Cleveland area for you?

I may be doing some Speedtrap Hunting there in the near future.

Perhaps I could bring several police lasers not only to profile your zr4 but also Veil G4 as well. Looking at your vehicle I expect your performance to be quite acceptable, however. You really seem to have gotten your stealth profile down pat!

One of the key elements that Escort stressed during my visit was the importance of mounting the heads level both horizontally and vertically, in a nice bisection of your front, and without obstruction.

I have found the rear head mounting bracket to be pretty flimsy, however, often resulting in the rear head to be pointing slightly upward.

It is easily remedied with your hand to straighten it again, but it is something that I would like to see them address and for you to be aware of.

Also happy$$ shared a good tip with me about simple maintenance: make sure you wipe your heads often to keep them free of dirt/grime buildup that occurs on the road.

Cleveland is not far from where I am...a few hours drive I think. When do you think you'll be there?

I have tried to get the heads as level as possible. Perhaps we can check them at that point as well?

LMK when you can!

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