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Default A Future Worth Creating, Now

As July 4th approaches (our nation's celebration of its Independence Day), I thought this would be an appropriate post, at this time.

Many of my close friends and family members are aware that my business acumen and personal interest extends to global outreach and communication. While I believe in, support, and respect each nation's Sovereignty, including my own (as a US-born citizen), I also recognize the challenges that we each and all face as the world relentlessly marches to it's own future.

With this in mind, I would like to suggest the following short list of literature (to those that share this interest), the authors of which I have personally read (or have been following) to better understand the context of what globalization means to each of us as individual citizens of our respective nations and our responsibilities to be good stewards to our collective (shared and individual) interests as citizens (peoples) of the one world, in which we live:

The Lexus & the Olive Tree
The World is Flat
The Pentagon's New MAP (PNM)
Blueprint for Action (BFA)

Each of the preceding links takes you directly to each author's website.

To this list of printed material, I would suggest Thomas P.M. Barnett Blog as a must read/follow.



PS: To those who share these understandings, please feel free to add to this list as you deem appropriate.

In the case of printed materials (ie; literature) please link directly to the individual author's site (where possible) and not commercial sites selling their books, if the author(s) has (have) their own website(s). Thanks.

PPS: Perhaps we could look to another date, this holiday (of Independence Day, 04 JUL 1776) to celebrate yet another mile-marker for this young nation: our Nation's InterDependence Day, (which already occurred on the date of 12 SEP 2003, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) marking our own nation's march towards the Democratization of Globalization.

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