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Default Independent Grassroots Testing

We are trying an experiment at the request of one of Speed Trap Hunter's members.

We have created this forum as a means of allowing certain organized testing groups to share/publish their results of their gatherings.

The owners/admins of this site simply can not nor will not vouch for the authenticity of these tests, their testing methodology, or their we will allow the veracity of their results to depend upon the integrity of the very groups that perform them.

Some products tested may or may not be legitimately available in certain markets and this forum in no way should be regarded as a green-light to market or serve as an endorsement to any particular product(s) in any particular markets on this forum in any way or form.

This forum is an experiment in trusting the ability of certain groups to share their particular findings/experiences.

Under no circumstance will we allow these groups or these threads to be exploited by corporate entities for the purpose of selling/shilling!

Their story and their results are about these group experiences and these group experiences, alone!

Company sanctioned, controlled, or influenced groups are not considered grassroots groups, so such groups' tests will not be permitted here.

Please review our forums rules and regulations as they will apply here, as well.

Please respect our wishes.

Certain group(s) may/will be subject to some form of a internal forum review, given the unfortunate history of some (self-proclaimed) "testing authorities" of the past.

One of the primary purposes of this particular forum will be to engender a mutual respect and comradery between different online members and for the mutual enjoyment of this hobby.

Thanks and Enjoy,

STH Site Admins.

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