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Default V1 for 5 years

I owned one of these for 5 years and have to say it was worth every penny but finally gave out after 5 years I had mounted it has high on the windshield as it would go and hardwired it into the map lights on my truck. I usually took it down in the summer but in the winter didn't really worry about it. But I believe heat was the final straw as the unit would stay on Ka and not stop until you turned it off. Until then it was a brilliant detector giving me all kinds of range and warnings that avoided so many speed traps and cameras. It did let me down as I would adjust the volume all the way down some nights and forget about it and then wake up late to work and forgot I had done that and a cop got me when I wasn't paying attention to it as much as I was my hair (. (A brighter more colorful LED bar would help with this) so I learned my lesson. Anyways my point is that this thing is so good that sometimes you forget about it and then you get into trouble . I bought a cheaper RX65 and hopefully I can keep my license for another 5 years
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