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Originally Posted by Speed Trap Hunter View Post
Thanks for noticing, we are really trying to be different here and the fact that you can see this is very heartening to hear!

I have driven with both Blinder and ZR4 and I have yet to have them ever fail me in actual "combat," but mind you I obviously use Veil along with them, as I am firm believer of defense-in-depth countermeasure techniques regardless of the performance level of each countermeasure individually.

IMO, I feel the ZR4's have gotten a "bad-rap" online from some of the fixed testings that have been performed (often suggesting JTG is the only acceptable outcome of such tests). I disagree with such acid tests' "conclusions." In the real-world, where this stuff ultimately counts, fixed tripods and low-speed passes aren't typical and generally favor the countermeasures used (as a consequence). Furthermore, officers aren't typically expecting any difficulty and therefore tend to aim more casually (as the first shot is not specifically designed to defeat any countermeasure). In that time, I have found, that these countermeasures (including Veil) provide ample time to slow down safely. Is that to say that in every circumstance adequate performance will be afforded. Not necessarily, however, in all of my real-world encounters, I have had sufficient protection provided with my vehicle (large metallic silver BMW, which is far from optimal to protect against lidar).

I have even got tagged from the rear in Northen Kentucky, just south of Cleveland and the ZR4 + Veil on my rear (no plate cover) protected me, which was a good thing as I was traveling more than a few miles over the posted limit, at the time.

I'll do some googling and some reading. Thanks for sharing.

I agree with STH on this. I ultimately chose the Shifter ZR4 for its ability to integrate with my STi Driver. Up until recently I could not afford a jammer, so I had been running only VEIL G4 and a Veiled LaserShield on my front plate. Within a 3-4 week period (especially the week before Memorial Day) I had been painted with LIDAR 4 times doing approximately 15 MPH over the PSL (55 on I-290 in NY), and 4 times I escaped with no tickets. Each time I was painted I was the only one in his line of sight. VEIL by itself saved my arse big time, and I too am a firm believer of defense in depth: my HL's are Veiled, my grille is spraypainted flat black, I have a Veiled LaserShield on my front plate, and I spraypainted the AC condenser flat black as well...

Haven't had any encounters yet with police LIDAR against my completed system (ZR4), but I anticipate that I should fare quite well against the dominant guns used around my area - Ultralyte 100LR and the ProLaser III.

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