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I don't know anything specifically ( I doubt it, though), but I have heard repeated claims over the years that some of these other companies may be patent infringing in the states.

Until such matters a cleared up, this site Admins have refrained from creating a forum here (for obvious reasons, least of which is trying to prevent/protect potential customers from being burned, as we have seen repeatedly in the past with certain fly-by-night operations).

Perhaps you are thinking of LPP? I have read some things online concerning their viability, whether this stuff is actually true or not, I am not sure.

Honest/unbiased information, particularly about some laser jammer companies seems particularly hard to come by online, IMO.

If one ever thought the radar detector industry was cut-throat or dog-eat-dog, the laser jammer industry is even much more so, I am afraid, which is why I stick with the majors (Beltronics/Escort/Cincinnati Microwave and, of course, Blinder).

These guys have been around a very long time and will be in the future, no doubt. All others that choose to not play by the rule-of-law (at least, in the U.S. market), I am not so sure.

Caveat emptor...

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